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Artistry Cocktails

We have launched a new cocktail menu consisting of hundred drinks.

Artistry’s cocktail ethos is the result of six months of travel, tastings and tinkerings by our mixologist’s team. The result is a set of deceptively simple-seeming drinks that belie the hours of painstaking research and technique that has gone into them. There is a complete change in the aesthetics of the menu, glassware and garnishes and a commitment to sustainability: the new menu cuts the use of imported fruit by 60%, minimising waste and focusing on India and local suppliers as much as possible. Additionally, the overall ABV is lower and there is also a bigger selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

The new list is divided into five sections. Classics, Signature – Artistry Lab, Immersive Collins, Martinis, Gin-Tails and Pop&Mix. The Artistry Classics section showcases favourites from past years reworked and brought up to date. The Signature section in the new menu highlights the places that have inspired the team with drinks

“We’ve travelled from across India, constantly looking for inspiration. I think what we’ve achieved is the most delicious drinks list I’ve come across, and we’ve aimed to make it more creative, more sustainable and more technical, but most importantly, because it’s Artistry, it’s really fun and I hope our customers will love it!”
Rajat Harikantra, Head Mixologist.

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